Successful Information Picket Draws Attention To Greedy Employer

OPSEU members from all over the provibce have been expressing their disappointment with Chartwell Retirement Residences. While posting excellent profits, paying their executives millions of dollars in salaries and compensating their board members with nearly twice as much money as they pay their employees… this employer refuses to budge and move some classifications above minimum wage.

OPSEU Local 166 has one of Chartwell’s locations in its group of bargaining and we have been increasing this unfairness to tge media and through information pickets… stay tuned for more details…

Royalcliffe Ratify’s a Tentative Agreement!!!

The bargaining team of Royalcliffe and staff were able to reach a tentative agreement, ratification to follow. This round of bargaining was very difficult for the team but they remained united on their demands. The members in this unit will see a significant pay increase when the minimum wage increases to $15. The starting wage for many of the members in this unit start at $12.55 and tops out at $14.01.