Royalcliffe Ratify’s a Tentative Agreement!!!

The bargaining team of Royalcliffe and staff were able to reach a tentative agreement, ratification to follow. This round of bargaining was very difficult for the team but they remained united on their demands. The members in this unit will see a significant pay increase when the minimum wage increases to $15. The starting wage for many of the members in this unit start at $12.55 and tops out at $14.01.

Craigwood Youth Services Avoids Strike !!!

The members at Craigwood Youth Services voted in favor of the accepting the final offer from the employer after nearly 3 years of bargaining their expired contract.

Mick Chalmers, Denise Sands, Jonathan Guider and Angelo Currado (Left to Right)

The bargaining team successfully fought off a very long list of concessions!

They are back to the table in only 13 months.