Craigwood Youth Services OPSEU Bargaining team has asked for “No Board Report”


The bargaining team has requested a No Board Report with the Ministry of Labor after the conciliator was unsuccessful in persuading the employer to remove non-negotiable items, such as Pay Equity and Personal Grievances, from the bargaining table. Human rights should not and can not be negotiated away.
Aside from a wage increase that is far far below cost of living and some general housekeeping items, the employees are being exposed to significant takeaways such as the employers refusal to pay for the medical & dental benefits of employees who have been attacked and/or permanently injured from their work at Craigwood. When employees are regularly exposed to violence in the workplace without WSIB coverage it is irresponsible to take away their medical & dental benefits when they are left on LTD.
An emergency meeting has been scheduled for July 23rd for the Craigwood OPSEU members to prepare for an August 17th strike deadline.
The bargaining team has been scheduled to have mediation with the employer on August 15th. Stay tuned for how you can help!

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