Craigwood and OPSEU Golf Tournament, another successful year

John Newland won a Gift Card for "closest drive to the pin"
John Newland posing by his marker that won him the Gift Card for “closest drive to the pin”. Amazing drive John!
Jolene Heffernan won a Gift Card for the women's "Longest Drive"
Jolene Heffernan decisively won the Gift Card for the women’s “Longest Drive”

Craigwood and OPSEU hosted their 2nd annual golf tournament.  Management and members came out together for a fun day of golf and dinner.  The weather was a bit chilly and they avoided the rain. The tournament ended in a tie between two teams after 18 holes.  It was decided to have a “putt off” on the 18th green so that everyone was able to spectate from the comforts of the balcony of the clubhouse.  Joe “out-putted” Braden that afternoon to secure the win for his team!

Everyone had a great time and it was another great opportunity for management and employees to get out for some good clean fun.  Looking forward to next years tournament!

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