Craigwood Youth Services Bargaining Unit Holds Unit Elections

The ballots for Craigwood’s Union Representative elections have been counted and here are the results:

Unit Stewards
Mick Chalmers and Jonathan Guider are the newly elected Unit Stewards
Joint Health and Safety Committee
Joe Davies and Brennan Goman are the newest elected members
John Stamos (1st alternate), Mike Serwatuk (2nd alternate) and Mel Studholme (3rd alternate)
Pay Equity Committee
Jonathan Guider, France D’Oria and Mike Serwatuk are the newly elected members of our a resurrected Pay Equity Committee with Kim Yeats as the 1st Alternate.
Employee Relations Committee
Mick Chalmers and Franca D’Oria are the newly elected members of our Employee Relations Committee
We will need to schedule another day of elections for the 3rd Unit Steward position as the 3rd place nominee did not have a clear majority.
Elections will be held on Monday January 7th, 2013.  To ensure that we have successfully completed our unit elections which MUST be completed by our Local Officer Election date of January 29th.  The Craigwood Stewards will be meeting that day at 4:30pm.

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