Anago Resources

Anago members work in the Developmental Services Sector and are therefore also part of the Community Services Divisional Council.

Unit Stewards

Azra Mutapic – Azra has been employed at Anago since 2000. She is an active health and safety rep on their Joint Health and Safety Committee and has actively served on various committees and has attended numerous labour related training sessions.

Becky Krouse

Crystal Maclean

Shop stewards

Henry Salomons, Melissa L’Heurex, Gustavo Rodriguez, Steve VanBeisen, Charmaine Street and Michelle Matthys

Employee/Employer Relations Committee

Crystal MacLean, Becky Krouse and Melissa L’Heurex

Bargaining Committee

Henry Salomons, Melissa Goodhand, Becky Krouse and Crystal MacLean

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