Elected Representatives

Unit Steward/Local President – Lisa Fewster


519-902-0630 (cell)

519-649-7737 (office)

Unit Steward/2nd Vice President –     Sue Fairweather



Unit Steward/Secretary – Bev Kelly


Bev Kelly has been with Community Living London longer than OPSEU has. She started her career with CLL in 1979, when it was still known as LDAMR, and before employes had decided to organize and join OPSEU. In the early years of the union Bev was very active, and even took on the role as President for 1 year. When she moved out of London, she found it more difficult to remain as active , and stepped back to give other activists the opportunity to carry on the work she and others has begun to enable the union to continue to grow and flourish. In the past several years she has become more active once again, and has very much enjoyed being a Unit Steward. She is particularly interested in Health and Safety, and has been working on taking the  courses through OPSEU to obtain her certification. Bev’s career gas gone full circle; she started in Accomodations, moved through Workshops and Leisure, and has now returned to an Accomodations setting.

Unit Steward/Treasurer – Mike Stuart



Unit Steward – Tia Brown


I’m Tia Brown and I work full time nights at Community Living London.  My favourite union moment to date was the time that a number of us rallied together in order to be at Convention the year we received the Leah Casselman Award.  It was a time that I really felt I was a part of something bigger than myself and that what we were doing was important.  Not to mention the fun that is always had at Convention 😉  I enjoy serving as a steward, and attending LEC meetings.  I have an excellent working knowledge of our Collective Agreement and a good understanding of how our union is run.  Plus I love answering questions.  Feel free to email me anytime @ tiagbrown@gmail.com.

Unit Steward – Masoud Karimi


Unit Steward – Patti Dufton



Unit Steward – Shauna O’Sullivan

shauna.osullivan @cll.on.ca

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