Craigwood Bargaining Begins!

The negotiating team representing the OPSEU members of Craigwood Youth Services Local 166 met with the employer to exchange demands and have 4 dates scheduled to discuss the demands. Stay tuned for details….From left to right (Jonathan Guider, Franca D’Oria, Anastasios Zafiriadis and Mick Chalmers)


Royalcliffe Ratify’s a Tentative Agreement!!!

The bargaining team of Royalcliffe and staff were able to reach a tentative agreement, ratification to follow. This round of bargaining was very difficult for the team but they remained united on their demands. The members in this unit will see a significant pay increase when the minimum wage increases to $15. The starting wage for many of the members in this unit start at $12.55 and tops out at $14.01.

Craigwood’s Amalgamation Has Been Stopped

At the end of this past week all of the Craigwood Youth Services employees received an email from their executive director informing them that the amalgamation process has been stopped.
It appears that one of the main reasons was the ministry would not provide funding for salary harmonization. None of the bargaining units had been involved in any discussions around proposed plans of wages, benefits or salary harmonization.
Craigwood will no longer need to leave Local 166. Stay tuned for more information.

Local 166 Members Spotted at Queens Park

Members from local 166 attended the rally at Queens Park to support our public health care. Cuts to health care often means cuts to services and this not only means job losses but also a reduction in the quality/availability of health care in our communities.
Leaders from various unions and public interest groups gave great speeches. Several people told their personal stories that clearly show how poorly our current system is already failing. People suffering and dying while in care is unacceptable. We need to be asking our politicians to invest in health care not cut it. As members we need to share this message with friends and family for the upcoming election.